FREE CHECKLIST: Before You Start Facebook Ads

This is the exact three part checklist we go through inside our agency before we even begin to run ads for a client. Click the button below to get your free copy.

3 Sections Covered

The Business

There are some things you need in place within your business before you run Facebook ads. We go through a formula to check if ads will even be profitable for you.

The Account

We explain every step you need to go through in order to set up your Facebook Ad account.

The Website

If your website ready for the traffic you are going to send? Complete these steps to avoid wasting time and money.


Ready for the next step? Grab our Facebook & Instagram Ads Maintenance checklists!

These are the exact checklists we use inside our agency, to make sure we keep our ads maintained on a weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis. You will get:

Readers say

5 Star Service. I engaged Ellie and the team for my last promotion and have been blown away by the quality of work and results they have delivered for my business. I thought I had a good handle on the digital space, but soon realised there is no substitute for a professional. These guys are razor sharp and know how to deliver your offer into your best potential customer’s lap. I cannot rate this business highly enough. Thank you!

Scott, Paint The Ocean

Ellie and the team at Let’s Be Frank are amazing!! Not only are they fantastic at what they do, they are also super friendly and personable. An absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommend for anyone looking for awesome results for their biz.


Erin, The Sisterhood Studio

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