This Australian clothing brand approached us wanting to see if we could improve their Facebook Ads. They had dabbled a bit themselves, but never really had much success on the platform. Most of their sales came organically through their social media channels, but they needed to try another avenue to keep growing. In the 6 months prior to us coming on board, they had made $36k through their existing strategy – not a bad result for a one-woman show without paid advertising! During the 6 months, we were on board, they made $171k… an increase of 373%. So how did we do it? Read on…

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

For this client, we were solely bought on for Facebook Ads, although as a part of our onboarding process we also include a website audit to ensure the site is well optimised for sales. Our developer was able to make some really great suggestions to help this brand increase the site conversion rate.

A Facebook Ads Testing Strategy

Since this brands ads hadn’t been working in the past, we started our testing phase to find the right audience. As well as testing generic ‘women’s clothing’ audiences, we tested out some more niche audiences such as popular TV shows, eco-conscious women, and lookalikes. Once the testing phase was complete, we began to scale to the audiences with the highest results. The results were doing amazingly, consistently above 4.5x ROAS and holding strong through the growth… but then something happened. We sold out…

A Hurdle To overcome

The ads were doing so well, that all key items kept selling out completely. The brand would try to re-stock as quick a they could, but as soon as the items came out they would sell out again within weeks or days. It was at this time that we realised that we needed to support our client on another level, and have a conversation about what they could expect to sell moving forward. We ran the numbers and were able to provide an expected weekly units of sale, which allowed the client to predict the stock that was needed. They signed a deal with a manufacturing firm that could handle the volume.

Time To Scale

Once the stock hurdle was overcome, it was time to scale again. We were able to push budget into our current audiences, and then continually expand into new audiences to keep the growth going each time one audience hit its ceiling. Over 6 months, we were able to bring in $94k that was directly attributed to the Facebook Ads, and maintain a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 4.01x

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